Our Achievements

In to X Stdd matriculation Board examination in 2016 our school achieved 100% pass and the highest mark 476/500

In 2017 … 496/500

In 2018 … 483/500

Achievements in sports and Games :

  • Under Divisional Chess, Athaltes 100, 200 Dasher Divisional 5000, 1500 District, Beach Vollyball (Girls) District.
  • PVB won the Title in the Divisional chess under 11yr & 14 yr category in 2017
  • In Athletics PVB won the Title in the Divisional 100 m dash & 200m dash & also in 1500m & 5000m PVB bagged the Titles in TheniDistrict.
  • PVB Girls won the Title in the Beach Volley Ball in Theni District.

Achievements in Cultural & Fine Arts :

  • PVB Boys ( Senior) came out District III in miming
  • PVB won the Title in Drama in the Theni Zone.
  • PVB- boy came out the first in singing in Theni District.
  • PVB bagged 65 Prizes in Lions – Club Competitions at Theni.

Other Activities :

  • Extra curricular activities other than academic are arranged for willing Students on Saturdays. Activities such as Bharatham. Vocal song. Key board and other musical instruments. Karate Yoga and skating experts train the projects to go for competitions.